Brand new 2023 edition

Paper back book, Kindle and PDF versions available 

Includes 27 chapters over 226 pages with expert knowledge on:

Technical advice on iPhone movie making

Guides to all the best video camera and editing apps

Reviews on the best iPhone movie making equipment

Digital video concepts

Detailed knowledge on composition, lighting, sound recording, video editing, going live and posting video to the web

How to transfer iPhone video to a computer

Filming for broadcast television and cinema

The best social media platforms for video

Budget iPhone filmmaking kits


The iPhone movie-making revolution is here! With the right knowledge and minimal equipment, everyone now has the power to make great films with their iPhone. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker, vlogger, journalist, educator, charity worker, student, business professional, or an individual with a passion for making films, you’ll find the information in this book to be an invaluable resource. You too can make great movies with the iPhone you already own and produce award-winning films for minimal cost.

This book includes 27 chapters filled with expert knowledge on various topics, such as the best equipment for your budget, choosing the right camera and editing apps, lighting, sound, and camera techniques, technical advice on iPhone movie-making, guides to the best video camera and editing apps, reviews on the top iPhone movie-making equipment, digital video concepts, detailed information on composition, lighting, sound recording, video editing, going live, and posting videos to the web.

Additionally, the book covers how to transfer iPhone videos to a computer, filming for broadcast television and cinema, the best social media platforms for video, and budget iPhone filmmaking kits. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll have all the tools and knowledge necessary to unleash your creativity and produce professional-quality films using your iPhone.

“The iPhone Filmmaking Handbook is a must have for anyone wishing to create great movies with their iPhone.”

Joe Chapman– Deputy Head of Video – The Sun

About the author

Neil Philip Sheppard

Neil is a professional video producer and content writer for the website Smartphone Film Pro. He has over twenty-five years experience in TV and video production and has worked with some of the best media companies in the UK. These include News UK, The Sun Newspaper, Fabulous Magazine, Raw Cut TV, Sky Television, Zeppotron, Talk Back, Channel 4, Ten Alps and the Metropolitan Police. He also provided animation content for the award-winning Brass Eye TV Special. He now works as a video producer for News UK in London, England.