About Smartphone Film Pro

Hello and welcome to Smartphone Film Pro. I started this website about smartphone filmmaking out of a need to pass on my experiences on Smartphone filmmaking. When I first started working in Video Production, equipment was incredibly expensive. Pro Cameras ran into the thousands of pounds and the average avid editing computer would set you back £30000.

The DV revolution changed all that. Slowly as technology improved and continued to get better and cheaper we have now arrived at the point where you can do professional looking video on your Smartphone and edit on a laptop. Not convinced – well you soon will be.

Shooting Video on a Smartphone

First I would just like to say that, at the present, shooting video on a Smartphone is no match for shooting on a professional video camera. So before I am flooded by industry professionals pointing out that Smartphones are nowhere near as good as professional equipment please understand that Smartphone Film Pro is not about that.

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This website informs and educates the everyday user on how to shoot and edit video shot on their Smartphone to a professional standard. This includes students of media, journalists, citizen reporters, internal video for corporations, businesses, you tubers, charities, families, friends and anyone else who would like to create great video with their Smartphone.

Equipment and Software

Second, the equipment and software I promote is for the low budget user and of my own preference. I am aware of plenty of expensive alternatives out there. That is not what this website is about. I passionately believe that filmmaking should be for everyone. Not just those with deep pockets that can buy expensive equipment. Most of the software and hardware I talk about can create videos with little to no money and to a professional standard.

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I have been shooting and editing video professionally for over fifteen years and have worked with many different production companies and news organisations in the UK. In that time I have found that equipment does not guarantee a professional result. Technique and experience counts for everything! Simple good filmmaking habits can deliver stunning results. I will be doing my best to pass some of that knowledge on but please remember I am only human and not always right.

No Film School

That said this website is not a film school. If you want to know everything about exposure, composition, sound recording, visual effects or anything else about the massive subject that is filmmaking please look else where. There are plenty of informative websites and literature out there that can explain these details far better than I can. In this industry you never stop learning.

Also you will find I have a particular bias to documentary and news reporting as this is the industry I work in. This is the style of video I will be talking about the most. But all that you learn here can of course apply to other kinds of film-making. My aim is to take some of the pain out of using Smartphones to make videos. They can be trickily little beasties to use but with the right software and hardware can deliver quality videos.

So enjoy the website!