Elevate Your Vertical Filmmaking with the Stalman Vertical iPhone Clamp by KONDOR BLUE

Elevate Your Vertical Filmmaking with the Stalman Vertical iPhone Clamp by KONDOR BLUE

In the ever-evolving world of content creation, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. If you’re a social content creator, especially on platforms like YouTube or TikTok, you know the importance of creating visually appealing and engaging vertical content. Enter the Stalman Vertical iPhone Clamp by KONDOR BLUE, a game-changer designed for those who want to take their vertical content to new heights.

A Clamp Like No Other

One of the standout features of the Stalman Vertical iPhone Clamp is its groundbreaking design. Unlike conventional smartphone clamps and rigs, this one is built with a vertical-first approach. This means it caters specifically to the needs of vertical content creators, ensuring that every detail is optimized for the best shooting experience.

Compact Power without Compromise

One common issue with many smartphone clamps and rigs is their unwieldy nature, often defeating the purpose of the compact power of smartphones. The Stalman Clamp, however, is crafted with smooth edges and a design that allows it to easily slip into your pocket – with or without your smartphone attached. This attention to portability makes it a go-to tool for creators on the move.

Seamless Integration with KONDOR BLUE Accessories

What sets the Stalman Clamp apart is its compatibility with a range of other KONDOR BLUE accessories. Whether you need to add power, media, microphones, or more to your setup, this clamp has you covered. The included 40 Gbps USB-C Elbow Adapter is a game-changer, providing versatility and expanding your creative possibilities.

The adapter is cleverly covered by a mini dovetail plate that is held magnetically in place. This plate also features a ¼”-20 anti-twist mount, ensuring that your accessories stay secure and in the perfect position. With the USB-C mount positioned at the back of your smartphone, you’re ready to effortlessly add accessories and enhance your shooting capabilities.

Painstaking Design for Perfection

The collaboration between KONDOR BLUE and renowned YouTube/TikTok creator Tyler Stalman was not just a casual partnership; it was a meticulous process of design and prototyping. Over nearly a year, dozens of iterations were created to ensure that every line of the Stalman Clamp was intentional, sophisticated, and scalable.

Whether you prefer to keep your smartphone paired down with a simple accessory or fully rigged to its potential, the Stalman Clamp provides professional mounting options exactly where they need to be. This attention to detail ensures that your gear enhances your creativity rather than hindering it.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Vertical-first clamp
  • Collaboration with YouTube/TikTok creator, Tyler Stalman
  • Integrated 40 Gbps USB-C Elbow Adapter (compatible with most phone cases)
  • Strong clamping force
  • Mini dovetail for easy access to the USB-C port
  • Anti-twist mounts with ARRI standard spacing
  • DJI compatible Arca plate integrated
  • Camera block protection
  • Lightweight at 85g/3.0 oz
  • Compact dimensions: 32mm W x 157mm T x 25mm D

Secure Your Stalman Clamp Today

Excited to get your hands on the Stalman Vertical iPhone Clamp? You can pre-order it now at the KONDOR BLUE website. Don’t miss the opportunity to revolutionize your vertical filmmaking experience with a tool designed by creators, for creators.

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