Best Smartphone Filmmaking Gear For 2024

Best Smartphone Filmmaking Gear For 2024

In the fast-evolving world of smartphone filmmaking, having the right gear can make all the difference in creating professional-quality videos. Whether you’re a seasoned videographer or a budding content creator, the right tools can enhance your storytelling and bring your vision to life. Let’s dive into the best smartphone filmmaking gear for 2024.

Smartphone Stabiliser Case: Dreamgrip Evolution 2 Pro

The Dreamgrip Evolution 2 Pro is a game-changer for smartphone videographers. Its universal compatibility with solo, dual, and multi-camera models sets it apart. The patented construction allows easy adjustment to accommodate smartphones of any size and camera location.

This rig comes complete with anatomical grips, high-grade aluminum tracks, smartphone clamp holder, Optical Module with external lens connectors, 52mm hood, ND and CPL 52mm filters, backlight blinder, shoulder strap, and various screws for secure connections.

The modular design allows customization for different shooting tasks, and its compatibility with various video extensions and supports adds to its versatility.

Microphone: Rode VideoMic ME-C

When it comes to capturing high-quality audio for your smartphone videos, the Rode VideoMic ME-C is a top choice. With a USB-C connector, it’s compatible with smartphones featuring a USB-C port. The directional cardioid polar pattern ensures it captures sound directly in front while minimizing ambient noise.

The 3.5mm headphone port allows real-time audio monitoring, a valuable feature for addressing audio issues during recording. Powered directly by the smartphone, it eliminates the need for extra batteries, and the included windsock accessory provides protection during outdoor recording.Wireless Microphone: Rode Wireless ME

Wireless Microphone: Rode Wireless ME

For those seeking wireless audio solutions, the Rode Wireless ME is a sleek and lightweight option. The transmitter and receiver, both weighing only 32g, feature cold shoe clips for secure attachment.

The built-in microphones and 3.5mm TRS sockets provide flexibility, and the wireless range of up to 100 meters ensures reliable performance. With USB ports for charging and firmware updates, the Rode Wireless ME is a versatile choice for various recording situations.

Light: Smallrig P96L Video Light

The Smallrig P96L RGB Video Light is a compact LED smartphone light with versatile lighting options. Its 0-360° full-color range, color saturation adjustment, and color temperature control make it a creative tool for filmmakers.

The built-in 6W rechargeable battery, LCD display, and various lighting modes, including HSI color mode and CCT mode, ensure efficient and customizable lighting. With a lightweight aluminum alloy body and USB-C charging port, it’s a reliable companion for on-the-go filmmaking.

Gimbal: Hohem iSteady M6

The Hohem iSteady M6 is a fantastic gimbal for smartphone videography. With built-in AI tracking and gesture control, it offers a hassle-free experience without the need for additional apps or Bluetooth.

The removable AI-powered sensor allows easy switching between front and rear cameras, and the 335° tilt rotation ensures smooth movements from all angles. Features like ultra-wide-angle shooting mode, Inception mode, and multiple 1/4″-20 UNC ports for accessories make it a versatile tool for capturing dynamic and shake-free shots.

Powerbank: UGREEN Nexode 140W 25000mAh

A reliable power source is crucial for extended filmmaking sessions. The UGREEN Nexode 140W 25000mAh power bank, equipped with PD 3.1 and QC 3.0 technologies, offers fast charging for up to three devices simultaneously.

With a massive 25,000mAh capacity, it can keep your devices powered for days. The advanced technology ensures fast recharging in just 2 hours, and the digital LED screen provides accurate battery level information.

Tripod Mount: Woohoto JL 1618

The Woohoto JL 1618 is a versatile tripod mount designed for comfortable filming with your smartphone. With a 180° tilt and 360° rotation, it allows quick switching between horizontal and vertical shooting.

The cold shoe mount on top accommodates accessories like microphones or LED lights, and the standard quick release plate ensures easy removal from a tripod. Made from durable aluminum metal, it provides a secure and stable platform for your smartphone.

Compact Tripod: Anker Nebula Compact Tripod

For those who prefer compactness without compromising stability, the Anker Nebula Compact Tripod is an excellent choice. Weighing only 9.5 oz and folding down to 10.2 inches, it’s highly portable.

Supporting up to 5 kg and offering full 360° rotation and 180° tilt, it provides the perfect viewing angle for your smartphone videos.

Tripod: Ulanzi F38 Video Travel Tripod

The Ulanzi F38 Video Travel Tripod combines stability with flexibility. With a built-in ball head and F38 quick release plate, it efficiently switches between different equipment. Supporting 360° panoramic panning and -55° to 90° tilting, it enables multi-angle photography and smooth video shooting.

The integrated leveling bowl design ensures quick smartphone leveling, making it adaptable to various terrains.

Filmmaking App for iPhone: Blackmagic Camera

The Blackmagic Camera app for iPhone is a free and intuitive tool for filmmakers. With essential controls at your fingertips, setting up and filming becomes a seamless process.

The heads-up display (HUD) provides a comprehensive view of crucial parameters like status, recording details, histogram, focus peaking, levels, and frame guides. Offering support for both 16:9 and vertical aspect ratios, it’s a versatile choice for various shooting preferences.

Filmmaking App for Android: MCPRO24FPS

MCPRO24FPS is an Android-exclusive camera app that stands out for its support for multiple cameras. Ideal for devices with dual or triple camera setups, it saves settings separately for each camera, ensuring smooth transitions.

With recording options from 24 fps to 60 fps, 10-bit recording support, and various resolutions and codecs, it provides extensive control over video output. Additional features like focus peaking, histograms, zebra patterns, and audio recording from different sources make it a comprehensive choice for professional-grade filmmaking on Android.


The filmmaking landscape for smartphones in 2024 is filled with cutting-edge gear that empowers creators to capture stunning visuals and immersive audio. Whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker or just starting, investing in the right tools can elevate your smartphone filmmaking game to new heights.

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