Goldilocks is the Smartphone viral video creation from Michael Koerbel and Anna Elizabeth James. Created in 2010, it is the first Smartphone series to film on an iphone. For those of you who don’t know, the series follows Goldilocks, who used to be a top-level secret agent. She is forced back into action when an international secret falls into the wrong hands. Now she has to make the ultimate choice!

Michael and Anna had great fun filming with the iphone 4. They would strap the iphone to a motorcycle to get great action shots. They also took advantage of the iphone’s small size by putting it into a medicine cabinet and even dropping it into a wine glass.

Goldilocks 03

The series at the moment is on episode nine.  Each episode is three minutes long and is distributed by the film-makers special app called Majek. The series itself has achieved five million views from all over the world. Not bad for drama shot on an iphone. The series also supports a special website which encourages viewers to help Goldilocks ‘crack the code’. Users then decipher messages and tweet them on Twitter and post on Facebook.

Goldilocks 01

The app also tells users when a new episode is available to watch. Users also send in footage of skylines to use in the productions studio footage. The industry has started to warm to this social media delivery of video with even the New York Times calling it ‘a shape of things to come’.

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