Is the Snap Filter the best lens filter for the iPhone?

Is the Snap Filter the best lens filter for the iPhone?

With the help of the innovative Snap Filter, you can rapidly attach and remove a lens filter from your iPhone without the use of bulky covers or complicated rigs.

Snap Filter is based around a magnetic attachment that snaps into place on the back of iPhone models that are compatible with MagSafe, such as the iPhone 12 and later, rather than relying on a specific Smartphone case.

The many provided filters, which make use of a proprietary design, are easy to slip and snap over your iPhone’s lenses. By doing this, you can easily interchange between filters without having to constantly tighten and loosen the filter.

According to Pan’s Scheme, it required 20 rounds of testing and five prototypes to find the ideal design and optical properties for the filters. In the end, they developed five different types of filters: ND, Cross-star, Gold Streak, Blue Streak and Black Mist.


The Gold Streak and Blue Streak filters mimic the horizontal-style flares typically seen in anamorphic lenses, while the Cross-star filter gives light sources in the scene a cross-style flare. The Gold and Blue filters, as their names imply, will give the flares a warmer or cooler colour to suit the scene’s aesthetic. Each set includes two distinct filters that can be switched out as needed to guarantee the flares remain horizontal when shooting vertically instead of horizontally.

While the ND filters will lessen the amount of light passing through the cameras to provide greater shutter speed control in bright conditions and improved long exposure photography, the Black Mist filter gives the soft effect we’re used to seeing with other mist-style filters. To block as much or as little light as required, the four ND filters are available in two, four, six, and eight-stop versions.

The Snap Filter is for iPhone 12 and later devices, including Apple’s iPhone 14 models. The Snap Filter is available with the filter bases and each tier will include a filter base, the related filters, and a carrying case with specific slots for holding all of your filters securely.

Price: $129.00 £105.00 €121.00

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