Sandmarc’s Macro 100mm lens for iPhone will give you stunning shallow depth of field shots

Sandmarc’s Macro 100mm lens for iPhone will give you stunning shallow depth of field shots

In a world dominated by smartphone photography, the Sandmark 100mm Macro Lens stands out as a game-changer. This lens offers a unique look that sets it apart from regular smartphone lenses. With a focal length of 100mm, it brings you close to your subject while compressing the background, creating a distinct visual experience that cannot be achieved with typical lenses.

Macro Lens

The standout feature of this lens is its macro capability. With an incredibly close focal distance and a long range, it allows you to capture stunning close-up shots with ease.

Whether you’re photographing bees, flowers, or other intricate details in nature, this lens produces exceptional results. It offers a depth of field that creates a shallow focus, making your subject pop while artfully blurring the background. This unique aesthetic sets your photos apart from the everyday smartphone shots.

Great Visual Shots

The Sandmark 100mm Macro Lens is not intended for casual, on-the-go photography or videography. Due to its limited focal distance, you’ll need to be in close proximity to your subject.

However, within the frame where you achieve sharp focus, the lens delivers a visually captivating look. It excels at capturing close-up detail shots, making it an excellent choice for creating commercials with a fresh perspective.

Build Quality

The lens’s build quality is impressive, exhibiting a feeling of solidity and durability. Although it is slightly heavy, the weight contributes to its overall robustness.


The resulting videos are crystal clear, sharp, and boast exceptional image quality. Finding the right focal distance may be a bit easier for photos compared to videos, but overall, this lens maintains a high level of performance.


Using the lens is straightforward. It comes with a back cap, and Sandmark provides a case designed specifically for mounting it onto compatible devices. The case securely holds the lens in place, ensuring it remains in the centre and eliminates any potential for wobbling or unsharp edges. This ease of use adds to the overall convenience and value of the lens.


Priced at around $130, the Sandmark 100mm Macro Lens offers great value for its unique capabilities. If you’re eager to explore your creative side and capture images that break away from the norm, this lens is highly recommended. It enables you to achieve a distinct look that sets your videos apart from the everyday smartphone captures we’ve become accustomed to.

In conclusion, the Sandmark 100mm Macro Lens delivers a fresh and captivating visual experience. Its macro capability, combined with the compression of the background, creates a unique aesthetic that sets it apart from regular smartphone lenses. With impressive build quality, ease of use, and exceptional image quality, this lens offers great value for those looking to explore new creative possibilities. If you’re seeking a lens that provides a different perspective and a truly distinct look, the Sandmark 100mm Macro Lens is a fantastic option to consider.

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